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How to Save Your Trees from Becoming a Safety Hazard this Storm Season

Photo 12 46 16 Storm Damage 790 - Getting Ready for Storm SeasonAs storm season rapidly approaches Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it’s crucial to check that the trees on your property are healthy enough to withhold the onslaught.  Broken limbs, weak root systems or excessive foliage can cause them to fall or become uprooted. Storm season can cause extensive damage to property, and if you don’t take care of your trees before it hits, you may find yourself responsible for any damage, injury or even loss of life caused by falling branches or total uprooting.  


This is particularly dangerous on large properties like residential complexes, commercial premises, retirement homes, schools, universities and other properties frequented by large numbers of people.

The ideal time to call in a professional tree maintenance company is right now, before storm season arrives.

It’s always the first of the season’s storms which cause the worst damage particularly after a dry winter or spring which is often the case. TreeSafe will carefully inspect every tree to establish whether it will be able to survive the extremes of our storm season.

Here are some red flags that suggest a tree could be particularly vulnerable:

  • It is unstable, and its root system seems weak
  • Damaged from previous storms and lightning hits
  • It’s close to houses and powerlines
  • Disease that is weakening limbs and roots
  • Structural defects
  • Excessive leaning
  • Very thick, heavy foliage

Save Time, Money and Hassle by Being Proactive


Fallen Tree Commercial Property Brisbane 300x185 - Getting Ready for Storm SeasonThese are all risk factors that suggest a tree could cause costly damage. The TreeSafe team has extensive experience in assessing trees and recommending a course of action to make them safe. This ranges from trimming foliage to trimming weak or damaged branches, tree pruning to make it more balanced and, as a last resort, cutting it down if it poses too much of a safety hazard. We do stump grinding and removal, so no sign of the tree remains.


You can save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money by calling TreeSafe to book an assessment before storm season arrives. It’s better to be proactive than have to handle the stress of getting insurance assessments and claims carried out!

We will provide a free quote for the work that needs to be done. We are fully insured and qualified to clear out or prune dangerous trees. We offer our services in the following areas:

Our vast experience has also taught us that no matter how prepared you are, the extreme weather can be unpredictable and accidents do happen, which is why we offer an emergency response service too.

Call now to get a quote on all your tree servicing needs.

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