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Trees add value to your property in Australia and contribute to the curb appeal of your home. They can provide a sense of privacy and shade, beautify your garden and provide a place for children to explore. Native trees can contribute to your property’s mini ecosystem.

So Why Would You Want to Consider Cutting One Down?

Do it yourself tree removal2 300x200 - DIY Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

We all love trees, but sometimes there are good reasons for needing to cut one down. Large trees may have been on your property before your home was built, and cutting it down is the last thing you want to do, but sometimes it isn’t realistic to hang on to sentiments.

  • If a tree on your property is causing a problem related to safety, such as a particularly dangerous one in the backyard where your children play, cutting it down may be necessary.
  • If the roots are causing sewer blockages or structural issues to your home, cutting it down may be the only option.
  • If renovation work requires building on the space where the tree is located, or if it is simply not in a good spot aesthetically, you’ll probably be looking at removing it.
  • Maybe your neighbour has complained about overhanging branches, or you have a tree on your property that is structurally unsound and overhangs your own house.
  • Perhaps the tree is simply sucking up too much moisture from your land, leaf litter is extreme and regular maintenance isn’t possible.

These are some of the reasons why you may be exploring DIY tree removal and stump grinding , but before you reach for the saw, there are some things you need to know first.

Do You Need Council Approval?

Do it yourself tree removal1 1 200x300 - DIY Tree Removal: What You Need to KnowBefore cutting down or cutting back trees on your property, there are rules and regulations in Australia and each state is slightly different. Most of the time, you’ll need council approval first, although there are exceptions. If you aren’t sure, contact your local council or a professional arborist before you take action.

If you’re considering cutting back on a neighbour’s tree that overhangs your property, you need to formally request that they do so first, and if they don’t, you may have to receive legal consent before doing so yourself.

A professional arborist can provide the right advice on required permits in your area.


Do You Have the Right Gear for DIY Tree Removal?

Buying or hiring a chainsaw is one consideration, but even if you already own one, the angles of the cut on the tree, consideration of weight distribution and insertion of the bar into the tree takes practice to master.

  • Safety gear is essential for any chainsaw work. A loggers helmet, earmuffs, face screen, safety glasses and chaps aren’t just for show.
  • If you think the job is doable without a chainsaw, remember that you’ll need to work out very precise calculations for sawing and apply them from awkward angles. You’ll also need felling wedges for preventing your saw from getting pinched during a cut.
  • Does the tree have a solid place for your ladder? Or does it have branches for you to stand on if you’re doing it piece by piece? What about voids between them, or obstacles in the way?
  • Branches weight may be deceiving, and getting them to the ground safely may involve rigging, like a system of ropes and pulleys at various points.

What About Personal Safety?

Do it yourself tree removal3 259x300 - DIY Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

Did you know that tree felling is listed as one of the deadliest occupations in the world? Tree removal may seem like a simple process, but it requires a high level of skill and knowledge in order to do it safely. Tree lopping related injuries can be severe and sometimes fatal.

You’ll need to estimate the correct felling zone and possibly clear a cutting zone as well if you don’t want to trip while escaping a falling tree. Do you also have a lookout for alerting you to falling branches along the way?

If you’ve sized up the tree and you’re absolutely sure that yours is a very simple and safe task, have you also considered damage to your property? Will your insurance cover accidental damage if you’ve attempted DIY tree removal?

Do It Yourself Tree Removal is More Complicated Than You Think.

If you have any doubts, chat to us about how we can help you. We are qualified and professional arborists. Treesafe specialises in safe removals, trimming, and tree lopping of dangerous trees.  We offer full insurance coverage and easy payment terms.

We service the Greater Brisbane area, from North Brisbane to South Brisbane, Gold Coast, Beaudesert (Scenic Rim) and the Logan/Beenleigh areas. Call us for a free quote on 1300 55 40 48.

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