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Dangerous Eucalyptus Tree1 - Eliminate the dangers of falling gum trees. Advice from tree experts.

If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast you’ll know that gum trees are on every second corner and most Australians know about the dangers of eucalyptus trees (also dubbed as ‘the Widow Maker).

Falling limbs from eucalyptus trees have resulted in serious injuries and in certain tragic cases, loss of life.

If you own or operate in a public area like a golf course, school or retirement village it could create major liability issues.

Gum Trees even on private property can pose a huge risk. Here’s why gum trees are so dangerous and how regular tree pruning and an effective tree management plan tailored to your specific needs can combat these dangers.

Why do gum trees shed such massive limbs?

Most trees shed limbs, but few shed massive ones or fall over completely like gum trees do. As Australia starts warming up after a dry winter, the sudden increase of winds and moisture from rain and storms can cause fully grown gum trees to be displaced. Often the soil anchoring a tree is loosened, as after winter the tree’s roots are weaker and closer to the surface. It is especially common in areas that are low lying or near bodies of water. These trees can also drop branches due to rot and extended drought. This is especially dangerous as it can happen to healthy looking trees without any notice.

Danger Signs to Look Out For

Dangers of Gum Trees 300x225 - Eliminate the dangers of falling gum trees. Advice from tree experts.

In terms of obvious signs to look out for, a diseased tree will wilt or have streaks of discolouration, along with oozing sap. If your trees appear healthy, look out for less obvious signs of imminent shedding such as the tree leaning, a ‘v’ shaped branching shape versus a curved ‘u’ shape, cavities, as well as cracking.


Don’t Wait For an Emergency & Minimise the Risk!

With Australia’s weather cycling through extreme droughts and then violent flooding and rain, there’s a good chance that even the healthiest gum tree could be vulnerable to breakage. It won’t mean you have to chop it all down, and removing diseased branches or the tree itself might be all you need to do.

The best way to know for sure is to contact a reputable qualified arborist.

If you’re Brisbane or Gold Coast based, our TreeSafe team can help.   We have specialist experience providing tree maintenance services to golf courses, schools, aged care homes and government as well as for local residents. Call our friendly team on 1300 554048 to see how we can help.

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