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IMG 0252 web 1 300x200 - How Do You Know if you Need Permission from the Gold Coast Council for Tree RemovalAre you a homeowner or a commercial building manager on the Gold Coast looking to remove trees from your property? Do you know if you need to seek permission from the council?  

As specialists in this field, TreeSafe have come across multiple situations that require professional tree removal. Our years of experience have seen us remove trees for property development, aesthetic appeal, damage control and more. Let us advise you on which situations warrant tree removal and when permission might be needed.

Do You Need Permission to Cut Down a Tree on the Gold Coast?

The City of Gold Coast uses the Vegetation Management Code as guideline to facilitate preservation of plant life in the city. Certain species of trees are protected whilst the removal of pest species that fall within the official criteria is permitted. Here are some ways to determine if you need permission from the Gold Coast Council for a tree removal:

Tree Pruning 216x300 - How Do You Know if you Need Permission from the Gold Coast Council for Tree Removal

  • On public land

The City Council engages Tree Companies such as TreeSafe to take care of land clearing or  removal of dead, unhealthy and fallen trees in public parks, roads, conservation areas and the like. A checklist is followed to determine the most appropriate course of action to deal with the problem. The City will either trim or remove the tree, depending on the effect of the action on the area at large.

  • If you have a commercial or residential building on private property

There’s no need to apply for permission if you’ve obtained approval for property development from the city in advance. Here’s a detailed checklist to help you determine whether removing trees on your property is a viable option. Some valid situations include:

  1. Removing of trees around an existing or new fence/boundary.
  2. Removing or pruning trees that are too close to property, where it’s not positioned on body corporate-run land or within a community management scheme.
  3. Removing of trees near a swimming pool or pool fence.

There are 4 types of applications, each with its own set of requirements and fees. The relevant forms and requirements for each application are available on the City of Gold Coast Website. It’s important to remember that while the Council permits valid tree removals on private land, it doesn’t facilitate the actual process. Want to know more about these processes? Then contact TreeSafe to handle the paperwork for you or provide you with a free quote.

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