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Land clearing may be required for a number of reasons on a residential property or a large-scale commercial area.

This process can be required for the building of a new home, building, community space or agriculture development.

Careful consideration is giving to land clearing works. Removal of vegetation and ground areas can impact the local environment. We always ensure that any proposed work is fully assessed and approved under the law of vegetation clearing requirements before commencement. There are some exemptions that do not require a permit under Queensland state law.

Poorly managed and excessive land clearing can cause devastating results with erosion, drought and impacts on wildlife.

Residential Land Clearing

This type of land clearing is typically for projects including pool areas, driveways, home extensions, yard renovations and unwanted plant growth.

Your qualified team will utilise tools and machinery to complete the job efficiently and recycle all unwanted waste products from the worksite.

Commercial Land Clearing

Larger commercial land clearing projects include work for schools, golf courses, acreage, site clearing, roads, property development, fence clearing, fire breaks, fire trails and local councils.

These large-scale works will require the use of heavy machinery and manual labour and are project managed to ensure the desired outcome within an agreed timeframe and budget.

What’s included in land clearing?

Depending on the site and the project, a range of tasks will be completed. These include:

  • Removal of deadwood, trees.
  • Tree removal.
  • Brush cutting.
  • Scrub clearing.
  • Stump grinding.
  • Wood chipping, mulching.
  • Weed removal.
  • Removal of topsoil.
  • Track or trail clearing.

We will ensure that all activities are done in a way that minimises effects on erosion and take into consideration the local ecosystem, flora and fauna.

A range of highly specialised equipment will be used by licensed professionals. This may include a flail mower, mulching machine, bobcat and excavators to name a few.

Do I need a permit to clear land and trees?

As mentioned above, your project may require a permit from the State Government. In addition, you may also require a permit to remove trees if they are protected under a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). This can be reviewed on the South-East Queensland local council links below:

We can assist you in acquiring a permit. Ask us for more information when arranging your quote.

Got a land clearing project?

If you require professional land clearing services for your home or property, contact us today to arrange a free quote and discuss your project needs.