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With the summer months upon us now, the annual Gold Coast storm season is also underway. The coast is well known for high winds and rain during this time, causing significant damage to homes, businesses and surrounding areas. Our northern neighbours can experience cyclones, inflicting heavy damage to property across these townships.

Trees are a major cause of damage, falling onto homes, powerlines and cars, inflicting millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Insurance claims for this type of damage also rise during this time, increasing costs to insurers and premiums for policyholders for the forthcoming years.

It’s important to ensure that any trees around your home or business are inspected and managed before a storm hits.

What to look for when inspecting trees

There are some tell-tale signs that a tree could be structurally weak and cause damage or injury during a storm. There are also a number of other issues that should also be checked as shown below:

  • Damage from a previous storm or lightning strikes not yet removed.
  • Branches close to powerlines.
  • Disease ridden tree branches and trunks.
  • Trees infested by termites.
  • Trees excessively leaning to one side.
  • Dead branches in the tree canopy.

An arborist is qualified to inspect trees and make a decision on what action should be conducted prior to a storm strike.

What will be done to prepare a tree for storms?

Following an inspection, your Arborist can arrange for a number of dedicated services to prepare a tree for the storm season ahead.

This includes trimming foliage on the tree, pruning or tree lopping larger branches or full tree removal if the tree is a major hazard.

All waste material is then removed by the Arborist from the property for disposal at a certified waste management centre.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Most local councils may require a permit to remove a tree under a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). If a tree is protected under the order, you must obtain a permit from your local council. Failure to do so can impose a hefty fine and damage to the local vegetation system.

We’ve provided a list below of the main local councils across South-East Queensland with information on this enquiry:

Can I DIY tree lopping or tree removal?

While access to tools and machinery to perform tree lopping or removal are easily accessible, we do not recommend undertaking this type of work.

You may have to climb the tree to cut branches at a high level. This can be highly dangerous attempting to operate a chainsaw at a great height. Controlling cut branches with ropes can also be dangerous due to their weight and size.

We recommend employing a certified professional Arborist to do the job safely and correctly

Emergency and Storm Response

If your property suffers tree damage during a storm, we can provide emergency storm response services. Our team is fully equipped 24/7 to remove and clear tree damage. If a tree falls on power lines DO NOT touch the tree or go close to the powerlines. Contact Energex or Ergon immediately.

Concerned about trees this storm season?

If you’re concerned about trees this storm season, contact us today to arrange a free quote or call us on 5610 1608

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