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What is tree lopping?

Tree lopping or pruning is an important part of maintaining the trees around your home or property for its appearance and safety reasons.

Tree lopping helps control how a tree’s branches grow and spread, allowing you to ensure the trees look ideal around your home. In addition, any overgrown or dead or infected branches can be removed to prevent the branches falling and causing injury or damage in high winds and storms.

Can I DIY tree lopping myself?

This job may seem like a simple process of cutting down branches with a saw or chainsaw but, it’s not that simple or safe.

It can be a dangerous process if we need to climb a tree. A professional Arborist knows how to identify risky branches that may be weak and cannot hold a person’s weight. Other equipment like a cherry picker may be used in this situation.

Furthermore, lopping branches incorrectly can harm the tree and cause further issues with its growth and appearance. Pruning done correctly will help prevent diseases on the tree, rotting and ensure a healthier life for the tree.

Do I need a permit to lop or trim a tree?

We recommend contacting your local council to confirm their laws on pruning and trimming trees on and around your home or property.

These laws can change over time and vary between city councils. This may apply to trees on your property, street trees and trees in your neighbour’s property.

Heavy penalties and fines can be incurred without a permit. Our list of the top South-East councils provides direct contact with them:

What’s the process of tree lopping or pruning?

Our Arborists will first inspect the tree/s on the property that you are concerned about. They will then recommend a plan of action to prune any brittle or dead branches and trim other branches for a better appearance.

This will further help protect the vegetation, shade and environment around your home for the long term.

In addition, your Arborist will also inspect the tree/s for any presence of pests, most notably termites.

Termites or White Ants are well known for establishing a colony in or around a tree. Early detection can quickly prevent termites increasing in numbers and causing damage to the tree and your home.

If detected, your Arborist can help arrange a professional Pest Controller to inspect the infestation and treat or remove the pest. This can often reduce the need to remove the tree in full at greater cost. It’s important to control termites fast as they can easily move to a home building and inflict damage that is not covered under home insurance policies.

How often should tree pruning be done?

We recommend inspecting and doing corrective tree pruning every three to five years or as a tree may require it due to damage or disease.

Your Arborist will be able to recommend how to manage this over time.

Arranging Tree Lopping Brisbane For Your Home or Property

If you need to arrange tree lopping or pruning at your home, contact us today for a free quote or phone us on 5610 1608.

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