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What will tree removal cost me?

tree removal cost brisbane 1 300x240 - How much does tree removal cost? Factors affecting tree lopping pricesWhether you’re dealing with a single tree taking up space in your tiny backyard or dozens of trees that need to be cleared from a hectare of commercial land, your top concern will probably be what it’s going to cost. Tree removal isn’t a service you use every day, so it can be difficult to determine whether you’re being charged too much. Many variables will affect the cost of an arborist’s services, including:

1. The size of your tree

You can expect to pay more for a taller tree to be removed or pruned than for a shorter one. A small tree is roughly one storey high or less, a medium-sized tree is about two storeys or less, a large tree is three storeys or less, and an extra-large tree is six storeys and higher – yes, you do get trees that tall!

Removing limbs from taller trees will be costly as this requires specialised interventions to prevent the uncontrolled falling of branches, which may injure people and damage property. Stump removal may also cost extra.

2. The condition of a tree

A healthy tree can be removed or pruned safely and relatively easily. An older or diseased tree, however, could be fragile, and pruning or removing of such trees may require the use of a cherry picker or lifting equipment for safety reasons.

3. The tree’s locationarborist tree removal cost gold coast 300x225 - How much does tree removal cost? Factors affecting tree lopping prices

Trees located far from buildings, power lines or where people walk or drive present no problem to tree trimmers or tree removal experts. However, if the tree is close to a building or public area, care will need to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent any damage to property, and this will cost more. Ease of access to the tree will also impact the price of the job. If the tree is located in a particularly tricky spot, your arborist may have to take special measures to get a team in there to do the work, which will also cost more.

Bonus Tip: Always ask for the cost of tree removal in advance

It’s impossible to have a set price for tree removal because every job and situation is unique. It’s a good idea to contact your local arborist and request a site visit so that you can get an accurate quote which will enable you to budget properly.

At Treesafe we offer site inspections and FREE quotes  for all tree services, so give us a call us on 1300 554 048 to organise a time with one of our estimators.

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