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Tree removal on the Gold Coast may be required for a number of reasons. This may include the removal of a dead or diseased tree, changes to a home or fire season protection.

While residents can easily purchase or hire tree removal equipment like a chainsaw, it’s recommended that this job is left to the professionals for large scale jobs.

Is tree removal safe to DIY?

Large trees typically require scaling the tree or using a cherry picker vehicle to cut limbs, branches and felling the trunk. This is dangerous work operating a chainsaw and using ropes while climbing a tree and serious accidents and/or property damage can occur.

We have more than 20 years of certified experience across the Gold Coast, with full insurance when completing this type of work.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Often, the short answer is yes. Most South-East Queensland local councils will require a home or property owner to obtain a written permit to remove a tree.

The council will assess whether the tree is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) before it can be removed. Councils may require certain types of trees to continue flourishing in the local area to protect biodiversity, wildlife habitats and protecting waterways.

This list below provides links to most well-known councils on permits:

Process for Tree Removal Gold Coast

Our tree removal specialists will firstly assess the area and trees to be removed on the property. This will help determine if a permit will be required to remove the tree. We can assist in this process with your local council.

Once approved or cleared, we will implement a process to carefully commence the removal of the tree/s safely, using the right equipment. Once the job is complete, we will also remove the tree waste from the property and clean up the area.

We will also assess if the tree stump needs to be ground down to fully clear the area where the tree once was. This is an additional service but, we can fully deliver the service without issue.

Fire season preparation

As we’ve seen with the devastating fires across Queensland and NSW this year, it’s a timely reminder to make sure we do everything we can to minimise the impact of fire damage to homes and properties.

Treesafe’s specialist arborists can assess the tree vegetation near to your home or on your property and advise on the best solution to prevent trees catching on fire near to your home.

The tree removal team can remove any trees that may be of concern with fire break clearing services stopping any embers from hitting trees and catching alight.

Arranging Tree Removal For Your Home or Property

If you need to arrange tree removal at your home, contact us today for a free quote or phone us on 5610 1608.

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