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What your land clearing contractors want you to know about underbrush removal

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Do you oversee a school, a golf course, a commercial or residential property with undeveloped land? If so, you may need to clear the trees and underbrush to make it suitable for building or another use. Yours may be one of the many properties like this that are situated around the Gold Coast hinterland, or in Brisbane near Logan, Ipswich and Scenic Rim. Before you call a land clearing contractor, here’s what you need to know.

Common Land Clearing Concerns

When people request a land or lot clearing service, a few common concerns pop up. The biggest is whether it’s necessary to get council permission before you start. Additionally there are the concerns about the impact land clearance will have on the local wildlife and ecosystem.

Other concerns include whether it’s possible to get an estimate of the cost of the job, and how long it will be before the land can be used for building or other purposes.

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According to the Queensland Government, you can clear land without notifying the government or obtaining approval if your motives meet certain criteria. They include clearing land for agriculture/grazing purposes, new infrastructure, construction timber or to establish a fence, road or track. You can also do so to create a fire management line or break, reduce a hazardous fuel load, maintain existing infrastructure or, if you’ve been given prior approval, for a development application.

What the Process Involves

Land clearing involves clearing visible land and brush, digging or grinding out stumps and roots, and removing any remaining vegetation that’s covering the topsoil. This will be done in a way that minimises erosion (depending on the gradient of the soil and soil type) and also taking into consideration if the local ecosystem, fauna and flora will be impacted. This is why the process, its duration and cost will vary.

Hire a Professional

Now that you know the basics, you’re in a better position to understand why it’s so important to hire a trustworthy and experienced professional land clearing Brisbane contractor. TreeSafe is a professional company with decades of experience, all the specialised equipment necessary to get the job done efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Contact TreeSafe today to discuss your land clearing needs: 1300 554 048

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