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Removal of tree stumps by Brisbane arboristsIf you need to get tree stumps removed from your Brisbane or Gold Coast property you may not realise that there are pros & cons to having the stumps removed vs stump grinding. We decided to take this opportunity here to explain the benefits of each to help you decide what’s best for you.

Stump Grinding vs Removal

A tree stump can live a long time and even regenerate. To prevent this from occurring you need to get rid of it either by removal or grinding. Stump removal is the more challenging option as it involves removing all roots and leaving a hole in the ground. Grinding is easier as it levels the stump to ground level, leaving the remaining roots to decay naturally over time. Grinding is more affordable, but removal means you can plant over the area again.

Can’t I just leave it?

Brisbane and Gold Coast stump grinding and removal services by experts at TreeSafeAn untreated stump can regrow or attract wood-boring pests to your property.The roots below can damage lawn and garden equipment, sidewalks, floors and structures. Tree roots can sense water and can cause massive plumbing damage as they attempt to reach it, blocking your pipes and sewerage system.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be liable should the stump and its roots cause damage to any neighboring property, as maintenance is your responsibility as a tree keeper.

DON’T Do It Yourself

You may think the cost of stump grinding in Brisbane is expensive, but you could end up paying more if you try to do it yourself. Removal and grinding require specialist equipment and skill, without which you could damage your car, yourself, the equipment and your surroundings. Don’t risk it!

Trusted experts remove large tree stumps in Brisbane and Gold Coast areasWhat should you do?

Step 1 – Get accurate measurements of the stump and clear the surrounding area for easy access.

Step 2 – Call a professional. If you live in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area we can help. Call us on 1300 554 048 or complete our online quote form and we’ll get back to you with a price that’s competitive and affordable.

Step 3 – After the work is done and before planting any new vegetation, first test the soil’s pH and mineral levels which will have been depleted by the roots of the former tree.

Step4 – Rake the soil free of rocks and roots, add the correct soil supplements, cover with topsoil and compost and lightly water for a week. Watch new life grow!

The solution is just a phone call away. We’ve been providing customers in and around Brisbane stump removal and stump grinding services for over a decade now. Call Treesafe today to solve your stump problems like stump grinding in Gold Coast.

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