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Tree management in Brisbane and Gold Coast schoolsAs a school administrator, your duty is to foresee problems and make sure they don’t happen. A risk that’s often forgotten is the one caused by trees. Whether they’re public or privately-owned, falling trees or tree limbs are dangerous and can even cost lives. Thankfully, the danger can be mitigated by doing a school tree risk assessment. As providers of Brisbane school tree inspections, tree lopping and tree removal, TreeSafe is concerned about tree safety and the laws surrounding tree maintenance in Brisbane public and private schools. Here’s what you should know.

Your Responsibility to Ensure Frequent Safety Inspections Take Place


Tree safety around Brisbane and Gold Coast schoolsAs a school administrator, you should understand that while trees are important for landscaping and ecological purposes, they need to be monitored via regular safety inspections to ensure that those who walk or play around them are safe.

If you want specific guidelines on dealing with trees on school property, you’ll need to contact your local council, as currently, only Australian Capital Territory and South Australia have statewide laws in place. It’s important to do this first, as local by-laws might prevent the pruning of trees without approval.

You’ll also need to check if any special or heritage trees are situated on school property by requesting the Tree Registrar and noting if any have previously sustained injury or damage. Every six months or so (or after an incident), a comprehensive inspection and assessment must be undertaken, and a Tree Management Plan must be put in place to ensure that the law is followed in terms of pruning, access and maintenance.

Safety First: Engage the Services of a Professional Arborist to Implement your Tree Management Plan


Arborist tree risk assessments for brisbaneThe Australian government recommends that schools use only qualified arborists to review the safety conditions of trees on school grounds. This person’s services should not be enlisted only after a problem is detected, but rather as part of a tree management plan. Having a qualified arborist at your side before problems strike will give you valuable insights on assessments and inspections and ensure that your school and the children attending it remain safe for years to come.

As commercial and residential specialists, TreeSafe’s team of expert arborists in Brisbane and tree surgeons can assist you with your Brisbane school tree inspection, assessment and maintenance needs. If you have a public or private school in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, call us today on 1300 554048 or contact us for a quote using the form.

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