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Schools Tree Maintenance Brisbane 300x200 - Keeping Students Safe on School Grounds with Treesafe’s School Tree Maintenance ProgramWhen there are trees on your school property, you have a responsibility to ensure that they are correctly maintained. Dead tree limbs and heavy crowns pose a danger to anyone who might pass beneath the trees. And because kids love to climb trees, even if it’s against the rules, uncared for trees with dead wood can be very dangerous.

 TreeSafe’s popular School Tree Maintenance Program not only protects your pupils but ensures your grounds look immaculate too. Well-maintained trees are not only safer, but they’re also an asset because they provide a free source of shade in which children can play or learn.


Schedule Tree Maintenance Work During the Queensland School Holidays for Added Safety & Convenience


Brisbane Schools Tree Safety 300x200 - Keeping Students Safe on School Grounds with Treesafe’s School Tree Maintenance ProgramTree maintenance requires large areas to be marked off as no-go zones during the work, so the school holidays are the perfect time to bring in professional arborists who can get the job done quickly and safely.

Treesafe offers a fully insured tree maintenance service carried out by highly qualified professionals. Our equipment is top notch and includes high lift platform cranes, which means we can trim even the tallest trees.

Our experienced arborists will ensure that the trees on your property are trimmed to grow safely, and they’ll also assess any diseased trees they find and let you know whether it’s best to treat them or remove them.



  •    Tree removal – We only remove trees as a last resort or if they pose a safety hazard.
  •    Stump grinding and removal – Stumps can be a safety hazard and may begin to regrow. Our grinding process turns the stumps into mulch you can use on your grounds.
  •    Tree pruning – Our highly qualified arborists have over two decades of experience in pruning trees to ensure safe, healthy growth.
  •    Emergency and storm response – October brings with it high winds and extreme weather, which often brings trees down. We have expert teams on call to minimise damage. They have a great deal of experience and always follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of your family and property.
  •    Land clearing – If you need trees cleared for building purposes, or perhaps to develop a new sports field, our team will get it done pronto.

Our services are available in the following areas:

FREE Tree Maintenance Program Proposal

When you get in touch to discuss our tree maintenance plan for your school,  we provide a free maintenance program proposal, special commercial rates for schools and free mulching. We also offer a free risk assessment visit as well as a written report.

Fully Insured with Priority Clean Up for Storm Damage

Due to the potential risk of damage to property that can be caused by falling tree limbs, we carry a full insurance cover on schools, their employed staff as well as third-party liability. But, that’s not all. We also offer a priority cover for school customers in the event of tree damage, loss due to a storm, flood or high winds. Treesafe provides a team at short notice for the clearing up of debris, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

 As we head into summer, Treesafe is the smart choice for tree maintenance on school grounds. Give us a call today to find out more about our maintenance programs.  

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