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Example of Tree Topping Gold Coast 300x150 - Is Your Tree Service Company Doing Right by You? 3 Things They Should NOT be doing!How can you tell if the tree service company you’ve hired is doing a good job or not? While it’s impossible to become an expert overnight, you can learn to recognise bad practices and spot shoddy workmanship.

Here are three red flags to look out for. It’s particularly critical to be able to recognise them when you’re working on large-scale commercial jobs (such as a golf course or school property) because there is greater potential for large-scale disaster in these environments.

1. Vague Quotes

The first sign that a tree service company is less than trustworthy is if they can’t provide you with a detailed quote or time-frame within which the work will be completed. A reasonable estimate of what work needs to be done, the equipment required to do the job and how many people will be involved is information most experienced companies will provide as a matter of course.

2. No Insurance or Compensation

A reputable tree service company should be able to produce proof that all their employees have Workers Compensation cover and that the company is insured for public liability and professional indemnity. This not only protects their business and employees, but it also protects you from claims and damages arising from poor advice and any on-site injuries.

3. Tree Topping, Crown Reduction or Thinning

Tree Climbing with Spikes 200x300 - Is Your Tree Service Company Doing Right by You? 3 Things They Should NOT be doing!Trees growing too close to a building, power lines or other trees is a common problem. A good tree service company will never suggest tree-topping (removing branches over a certain height), tree crown reduction (removing outer branches to create a particular shape), crown thinning (reducing branch density to allow light through) or lion tailing (over pruning the lower limbs of a tree).

True experts understand that trees are complex living creatures that don’t grow uniformly or at the same speed. To keep the tree alive and healthy, they will use techniques that work to protect the trees instead of damaging them.

Other common warning signs to look out for include:

  • “Experts” who can’t point out bad cutting techniques and fix them
  • The use of tree-climbing spikes, spurs or gaffs
  • Incorrect use of or a total lack of safety equipment.

Thankfully, there is a professional outfit that serves commercial clients on the Gold Coast and Hinterland, Logan, Ipswich and Scenic Rim area. Treesafe is dedicated to following best practice procedures and getting the job done safely and correctly. Contact us for a quote today.

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