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The Importance of Tree Pruning or Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is a common term used by most people looking to trim or prune a tree. We no longer use this term as a set of standards has now been developed for this service – Australian Standards 4373-2007 “Pruning of Amenity Trees. This helps ensure that the correct procedures are used to help remove diseased branches from a tree and allow the tree to be healthy for many years.

Tree pruning, also commonly known as tree lopping, is an important step in maintaining your yard for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

Pruning a tree has a direct influence on the configuration of limbs and branches of a tree thus helping it grow in a way that you want it to. This is a great advantage for those who wish to aesthetically improve the appearance of their house.

Further, by pruning a tree that is overgrown or one that poses a risk of danger to those around it, you mitigate the risk of fallen branches or broken limbs.

Not only is tree pruning necessary for day to day purposes, it can prove to be extremely beneficial when pre-empting damages caused by storms or other unforeseeable natural events.

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Gold Coast Tree Lopping

If you’re looking for expert tree services Brisbane and Gold Coast, TreeSafe is your solution. We help you find out what the best approach is to tackle your tree problem all in one go. Our company is built upon the foundation of honesty and integrity with the aim to have your interests at heart at all times. We only recommend solutions which are practical, cost-effective, and efficient even if it means suggesting a cheaper solution to get the job done the way it should be done.

We’ve been around for decades and have experience and qualifications under our belt. Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure quality work with a customer satisfaction guarantee backed with the right equipment to do the job efficiently and safely. Check out the tree services we have to offer in Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as Brisbane Southside, Logan, Beenleigh and Beaudesert (Scenic Rim).

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Tree Problems?
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Why should you hire a professional for Tree Pruning (Tree Lopping)?

Tree pruning or tree lopping may seem like a simple job. It’s just as simple and easy as cutting off a branch or a limb, right?

This is a common misconception among homeowners. The tree pruning process can be very dangerous especially when it comes to high branches or limbs that are a little out of reach.

Not only is your personal safety in danger when trying to prune a tree yourself, skill and experience goes a long way when getting a tree lopping job well done.

A proper prune will help a tree fight against diseases, rotting, and enable it to sustain a longer and healthier life. Get it wrong and your tree will be left to its demise.

Why choose TreeSafe?

When it comes to tree pruning or lopping, our tree loppers deliver the highest quality of work that is cost-effective according to your needs.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us for tree pruning in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

  • Highly skilled and qualified arborists
    All of our tree surgeons are highly skilled and qualified arborists capable of pruning even the most unkempt and difficult trees.
  • Over two decades of experience
    We’ve been in the tree services industry for as long as we can remember. Our years of developing new skills and technology have put us years ahead.
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
    We strictly comply with the Australian Standards Guidelines to ensure that the correct methods of tree pruning are being followed.
  • Utmost Care and Diligence
    Each job that we take on is guaranteed to receive the utmost care and diligence for safety and to sustain a long healthy life for your tree.
  • Full Insurance Coverage
    Unlike many of our competitors, we offer full insurance coverage for property damage and personal injury in the unlikely event something happens.
  • Right tools for the job
    We equip ourselves with the best tools and machinery to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
  • We pick up after ourselves!
    Whenever we are put on a job, we don’t just focus on the task at hand but also the aftermath. We always clean up after ourselves and leave the place in the same clean pristine condition that we found it.
  • Competitive Pricing
    TreeSafe understands that a cost-effective solution is necessary to suit the job and we accommodate this need with our highly competitive pricing.
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Although we do not normally provide residential hedge pruning services, we are open for discussions should you require commercial tree services in Brisbane,  Gold Coast, Redland Bay and Ipswich.

Here at TreeSafe, we consult you on the best course of action based on qualified practical advice. There may be occasions where pruning a tree may not be the most effective solution for the problem and in those instances, recommendations may be made to best suit your purpose.

Where tree pruning is not the best course of action, other tree services such as tree removal and land clearing may be more appropriate.

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