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We are trusted by many local residents and businesses for all tree related jobs. We can handle tree removals, tree lopping, pruning and emergency tree services. Here’s an example of how many others in Algester have trusted our professional arborists.


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Endiandra St, Algester
Cedara St, Algester
Parinari St, Algester
Algester Rd, Algester
Pellita St, Algester
Lancewood St, Algester
Evodia St, Algester
Dakar Rd, Algester
Kulcha St, Algester
Bridelia St, Algester
Olea Pl, Algester
Delathin Rd, Algester
Rainbowridge Cres, Algester
Helicia St, Algester
Ackama St, Algester
Dalmeny St, Algester
Bluedong Pl, Algester
Booyong St, Algester
Macaranga St, Algester
Quintinia St, Algester
Basswood St, Algester
Owenia St, Algester
Busby St, Algester
Touriga St, Algester

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Tree Lopping, Removal & Pruning
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Tree Lopping
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About Algester

Many tree removal, lopping, pruning & arborist services have been performed in Algester by Treesafe for over a decade. Please give us a call today for all your arborist services in Algester.

Algester is an outer suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. The suburb is 18 kilometres south west of the central business district of Brisbane City. According to the 2016 census, Algester recorded a population of 8,433 people.

The suburb sits on the southern border of the City of Brisbane local government area. The areas that surround Algester include suburbs Willawong, Acacia Ridge, Sunnybank Hills, Calamvale and Parkinson.

The name originates of the name of the English Town of “Alcestor”. During the mid to late 1970s the suburb was named Ridgewood Heights after the Ridgewood Heights property development which took up most of the land in the area. However, the area has officially been known as Algester from 1972.

Since Algester is residential in nature it is important to do pruning to your trees. Pruning has several benefits- the most crucial benefit is keeping the people around the tree safe. Branches can fall from a tree at any time endangering people, power lines and buildings. Therefore, maintaining a tree by removing dangerous limbs is the best option. We recommend you let a professional to do any pruning that you are not comfortable doing yourself to ensure personal safety. For all arborist services call Treesafe today. We would love to help you!

It is important to note that a council permit may be required in order to remove a tree depending on whether it is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). You will need to contact your local council for more information on removing a tree. Alternatively, you can ring Treesafe for more information or advice on VPO’s. See our contact list below:


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