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We are trusted by many local residents and businesses for all tree related jobs. We can handle tree removals, tree lopping, pruning and emergency tree services. Here’s an example of how many others in Brookfield have trusted our professional arborists.


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McConnell Cres, Brookfield
Jamieson Pl, Brookfield
Drysdale Cres, Brookfield
Boyd Terrace, Brookfield
Peronne Pl, Brookfield
Lindsay Way, Brookfield
Gold Creek Rd, Brookfield
Boscombe Rd, Brookfield
Savages Rd, Brookfield
Deerhurst Rd, Brookfield
Corniche Pl, Brookfield
Kensington Circuit, Brookfield
Royston St, Brookfield
Whiteley Cl, Brookfield
Bundaleer St, Brookfield
Upper Brookfield Rd, Brookfield
Nioka St, Brookfield
Leatherwood Pl, Brookfield
Palmer Cl, Brookfield
Brookfield Rd, Brookfield
Kintyre St, Brookfield
Hillbrook Rd, Brookfield
Roberts Ct, Brookfield
Rees Way, Brookfield
Jones Rd, Brookfield
Mcmullen Rd, Brookfield
Campden Ct, Brookfield
Wybelenna St, Brookfield
Brompton Pl, Brookfield
Westridge St, Brookfield
Nolan Rise, Brookfield

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About Brookfield

Our expert arborists are close to your area regularly. For all arborist services including tree removal, lopping and pruning in Brookfield please give us a call today.

Brookfield is a semi-rural suburb located within Brisbane City, Queensland and approximately 13 kilometres to the west of the Brisbane CBD. According to the 2016 census, Brookfield recorded a population of 3,524 people.

The name of the suburb originates from the creeks and gullies within the area, it was named by Mrs J. S. Brimblecombe.

Brookfield is semi-rural is consists of mainly acreage properties, ranging in sizes. The majority of the property within Brookfield is residential. Moggill Road passes through the southernmost tip of the suburb with Moggill Creek marking the suburbs eastern boundary. The north of the suburb is forested hills and mountains in D’Aguilar National Park.

Development occurred within the suburb during 1869, when the area was open for logging and farming. Educational institutions began in 1974 with Brookfield State School which is Preschool to Year 6. Neighbouring schools include Kenmore State School, Our Lady of the Rosary School as well as Kenmore South State School and Upper Brookfield State School.

The areas that surround Brookfield include suburbs Upper Brookfield, The Gap, Pullenvale, Pinjarra Hills and Kenmore.

Residential at Brookfield are often acreage blocks, accompanied with large trees. By caring for and maintaining your trees, you contribute to the trees health so they can live longer and avoid potential damage to your home. Regular tree care and maintenance will help to recognize potential problems and address any issues before damage occurs.  To avoid potential damage to your home, and to keep your trees healthy please contact Treesafe today to provide expert maintenance services.

It is important to note that a council permit may be required in order to remove a tree depending on whether it is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). You will need to contact your local council for more information on removing a tree. Alternatively, you can ring Treesafe for more information or advice on VPO’s. See our contact list below:


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