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We are trusted by many local residents and businesses for all tree related jobs. We can handle tree removals, tree lopping, pruning and emergency tree services. Here’s an example of how many others in Cornubia have trusted our professional arborists.


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California Creek Rd, Cornubia
Glenvale St, Cornubia
Ogilvy Ct, Cornubia
Bradden St, Cornubia
West Mount Cotton Rd, Cornubia
Oakmont Ave, Cornubia
Lindsay Ct, Cornubia
Vincent St, Cornubia
Anarchy St, Cornubia
Trudy Cres, Cornubia
Wudura Rd, Cornubia
West Coorang Rd, Cornubia
St Andrews Dr, Cornubia
Parkview Cres, Cornubia
Bryants Rd, Cornubia
Carbrook Rd, Cornubia
Jarrod St, Cornubia
Fairview Ave, Cornubia
Angela St, Cornubia
Harlech Ct, Cornubia
Watercress Ave, Cornubia
Gleneagles Ave, Cornubia
Roderick St, Cornubia
Bromley St, Cornubia
Kunde St, Cornubia
Sugarwood Pl, Cornubia
Penelope Dr, Cornubia
Wakool Ct, Cornubia
Anakie Dr, Cornubia

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About Cornubia

Many tree removal, lopping, pruning & arborist services have been performed in Cornubia by Treesafe for over a decade. Please give us a call today for all your arborist services in Cornubia.

Cornubia is a suburb located in Logan City, Queensland. The suburb has a population of 6,833 according to the 2011 census. The Hyperdome Shopping Centre is Cornubia’ closest landmark. Most of the street names in the suburb reflect Cornubia’ bush setting.

The Wagner family originally owned most of the land in the area through to the 1890s. In 1894 William Tabb bought the land and continued to run it as a dairy farm for roughly 10 years.  When the Taylors took on the land in the 1920s they named the property Cornubia Park. The primary industries for the area was timber getting, growing of corn, dairying and barley. In September 1934 the land was then bought by the Jessens who changed the name to Cornubia.

A protected nature conservation called Cornubia Forest Nature Refuge was developed by the local council from land purchased between 1999-2010. The 196 hectare nature reserve located in the north- west of the suburb is managed as part of Australia’s National Reserve System. The Cornubia Forest Nature Refuge is used for recreation purposes such as mountain bike riding and bush walking as well as a conservation for both flora and fauna. The refuge is also managed under a koala Nature Refuge Agreement.

The areas that surround Cornubia include suburbs Mount Cotton, Shailer Park, Carbrook, Loganholme and Eagleby.

Residential at Cornubia are often residential, accompanied with trees of all heights and sizes and bushland. It is important to do maintenance to these trees to minimise potential damage to homes and to protect the health of your tree.  Call Treesafe today all your arborist services in Cornubia.

It is important to note that a council permit may be required in order to remove a tree depending on whether it is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). You will need to contact your local council for more information on removing a tree. Alternatively, you can ring Treesafe for more information or advice on VPO’s. See our contact list below:


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