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Many tree removal, lopping, pruning & arborist services have been performed in North Maclean and South Maclean by Treesafe for over a decade. Please give us a call today for all your arborist services in Maclean.


Treesafe’s Maclean Arborist History

We are trusted by many local residents and businesses for all tree related jobs. We can handle tree removals, tree lopping, pruning and emergency tree services. Here’s an example of how many others in North Maclean & South Maclean have trusted our professional arborists.


Do it yourself tree removal3 - TL: Logan - Maclean


Tiviot Rd, South Maclean
Mountain Ridge Rd, South Maclean
Greenock Rd, South Maclean
Grampian Rd, South Maclean
Vista Rd, South Maclean
Pennine Dr, South Maclean
Crest Rd, South Maclean
Tralee Ct, South Maclean
Evergreen Dr, South Maclean
Flagstone Ct, South Maclean
Mount Lindesay Hwy, South Maclean
Chadwick Dr, South Maclean
Selkirk Dr, South Maclean
Rosina Rd, North Maclean
Dundee Rd, North Maclean
Smiles Rd, North Maclean
St Aldwyn Rd, North Maclean
Lance Rd, North Maclean
Crownson Ln, North Maclean
Greenbank Rd, North Maclean
Arthur Rd, North Maclean
Clifton Dr, North Maclean
Beryl Pde, North Maclean
Olsen Rd, North Maclean
Scotts Ln, North Maclean
Philippa Rd, North Maclean
Hives Rd, North Maclean
Wearing Rd, North Maclean

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About North & South Maclean

South Maclean is to the south of North Maclean and North Maclean is on the Mount Lindesay Highway with the Logan River part of the suburbs eastern and southern boundary. The area was once a single district originally known as “Logan Bridge” as there was once a low-level bridge across the Logan River. The district was then called Maclean, named after Alexander Grant Mclean who was the acting Surveyor General of New South Wales from 1856-1861.

As of the 2016 census, Maclean had a population of 1,536 people living there.

Educational institutions began in 1926 with The Maclean Provisional School, later that year upgraded to Maclean State School. In 1963 the school closed.

The areas that surround Maclean include suburbs New Beith, Stockleigh, Jimboomba, Flagstone & Riverbend.

The suburb is residential in nature with most houses sitting on large acreage blocks accompanied with many trees ranging in heights and sizes. It is important to do maintenance to these trees to minimise potential damage.  Call Treesafe today for tree lopping and pruning services in North Maclean and South Maclean.

It is important to note that a council permit may be required in order to remove a tree depending on whether it is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). You will need to contact your local council for more information on removing a tree. Alternatively, you can ring Treesafe for more information or advice on VPO’s. See our contact list below:


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