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We are trusted by many local residents and businesses for all tree related jobs. We can handle tree removals, tree lopping, pruning and emergency tree services. Here’s an example of how many others in Willow Vale have trusted our professional arborists.


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Fernhill Dr, Willow Vale
Shane Rd, Willow Vale
Ruffles Rd, Willow Vale
Rosemount Dr, Willow Vale
Hotham Creek Rd, Willow Vale
Coulter Rd, Willow Vale
Crystal Creek Rd, Willow Vale
Baileys Mountain Rd, Willow Vale
Gerrale Dr, Willow Vale
Fern Tree Gully Dr, Willow Vale
Fairview Dr, Willow Vale
Sunnyside Ln, Willow Vale

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About Willow Vale 

Many tree removal, lopping, pruning & arborist services have been performed in Willow Vale by Treesafe for over a decade. Please give us a call today for all your arborist services in Willow Vale.

Willow Vale is a rural suburb located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. According to the 2016 census, Willow Vale had a population of 2,100 people. Before the naming of this suburb, Willow Vale was known as Pimpama.

Willow Vale is located within the hinterland parts of the Gold Coast. The area of the suburb is considered rural and often quiet and reserved. Willow Vale has a lot of acreage homes ranging in sizes and surrounded by parklands and shrubbery.  The Ruffles Lodge and Spa is located in the suburb and is a popular place to go too.

Lauren Hill Farmhouse is a heritage listed site located at 105 Ruffles Road, Willow Vale. The farm house was built from 1883 to 1884 by Alexander Fortune for William Doherty and was add to the Queensland Heritage Register on December 1st 1997.

The areas that surround Willow Vale include suburbs Kingsholme, Pimpama, Upper Coomera & Wongawallen. Neighbouring suburbs Coomera and Upper Coomera has a Westfield Shopping Centre which is a great hangout spot for friends and family.

Residential at Willow Vale are often acreage blocks, accompanied with large trees. By caring for and maintaining your trees, you contribute to the trees health so they can live longer and avoid potential damage to your home. Regular tree care and maintenance will help to recognize potential problems and address any issues before damage occurs.  To avoid potential damage to your home, and to keep your trees healthy please contact Treesafe today to provide expert maintenance services.

It is important to note that a council permit may be required in order to remove a tree depending on whether it is protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). You will need to contact your local council for more information on removing a tree. Alternatively, you can ring Treesafe for more information or advice on VPO’s. See our contact list below:


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