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As we’ve seen over the past months in Australia, bushfires can cause significant damage to homes and much more. The summer months are well known to be the ‘fire season’ so it’s important that you prepare your home and reduce the chance of losing it to fire.

We’ve put together our 10 Top Tips To Be Bushfire Ready in 2020 to help you prepare with confidence and information on professional tree removal:

  1. If your property backs onto bushland, speak with an environmental consultant or local Fire Brigade about creating a fire break bordering the property as part of a fire management plan.
  2. Consult with an Arborist to inspect any trees that are close to the home building. These should be removed as embers can fall in the tree canopy (the top) and catch on fire quickly. The Arborist can assist with local council permits if required.
  3. Prune any dense shrubs close to the home building or relocate them away from the building.
  4. Clean gutters and remove any debris, leaves and other materials.
  5. Keep grass cut short as fire can burn quickly through grassed areas.
  6. Storm flammable liquids far away from the house as these can fuel fires.
  7. Remove any waste items from the property including tree offcuts, grass piles.
  8. Ensure hoses are long enough to reach the boundary lines of the property.
  9. Make sure your home insurance is enough to cover the building and contents for a total loss.
  10. Obey any fire bans announced by fire services and have an evacuation plan ready.

Tree Removal Brisbane

A key element of fire management is tree removal from a property. While people often enjoy the shade of trees and overall look to a property, trees are fuel for fires.

An Arborist can inspect the trees around a property and advise on how to remove any close to a house and eliminate this fire fuel source. The Arborist will advise if you require a permit from your local council to remove the tree.

This list below provides links to most well-known councils on permits:

Once a permit is granted, your Arborist can arrange to remove any trees that are of concern. This will include cutting the tree branches and trunk down. The stump can also be removed by grinding it down to ground level. This will prevent termites infesting the stump and endangering your home.

All tree waste, branches will be removed from the property by the Arborist.

Can I DIY tree removal?

While there is plenty of information, how-to videos and equipment available to remove a tree, we recommend leaving it to a professional.

Removing a tree involves climbing the tree to cut branches and this can be dangerous. The height of a tree may be difficult to reach and operating chainsaws while trying to secure yourself on a branch can be very difficult.

An Arborist may need to use a cherry picker vehicle to reach high branches and/or safety ropes to secure themselves on a tree. As mentioned, you may need a permit to remove a tree and if you do not obtain one, you can face heavy fines.

Arrange tree removal in Brisbane

Contact Treesafe to arrange a free quote on tree removal as part of your fire management preparation on 07 5610 1608 or complete our online booking form here.

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